About me

I call myself the Stuck at home Mom because that is what I had to refer to myself as after 3/5/16.

See; I was once a corporate employee, with a pretty positive career.  I worked A LOT and felt pretty positive of the position I was in; as I was a young one starting out and moved up the ladder pretty quickly! I loved the company I was working for, the people, my employees, the crazy CEO…

March 5, 2016- I fell at work. After that I do not remember what happened until I woke up in a hospital bed, groggy, asking the nurse (Stephanie, who I knew!) what happened. I remember reassuring me that I was going to be OK and to go back to sleep.

The next time I woke up, was in the ER room, husband and best friend looking over me in complete shock… not really sure what they were feeling, other than relief that I was awake. Still I had no idea why